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        Business News

        The company’s own control is not strict.

        Apparel enterprises have been "defective" in export control products. Recently, Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found in the process of returning a garment export return that the foreign trade production enterprises were not strict with the products, resulting in the consequences of returning and rework. The company has suffered a certain economic loss. It is understood that the goods are cotton men's trousers with 7,668 pieces and the value of the goods is 70,518.86 US dollars. They were exported to Japan in January and April 2013 respectively. In the market sales process, consumers found the length of the pants. After a problem, after a self-examination by a Japanese customer, it was found that 3,489 of the whole batch of goods had problems such as short or long pants length and poor ironing. The Chinese foreign trade company was required to rework the trousers with quality problems. Then shipped to Japan for sale.

        The garment inspection personnel of Nanjing Bureau carried out sampling and unpacking inspection of the returned goods. The technical documents stipulated that the length tolerance of the trousers should not exceed 0.5 cm, and the actual tolerance of the goods was about 2 cm, which was beyond the prescribed 1.5 cm, which was a serious defect. 3,489 out of 7668 items were returned for rework and the return rate reached 45.5%. The situation of this situation was investigated by the garment inspection personnel of the Bureau of Foreign Trade Company and the reasons were analyzed: First, the fabric of the goods was 100% of all cotton, there is a risk of "shrinkage", foreign trade companies and production companies have not paid enough attention; second, the "shrinkage rate" is not accurate; third is "washing" control is not standardized; fourth is shipping The pre-inspection is not strict. There are many reasons for the lack of management or operation, which results in a large area of returns. To this end, the inspectors remind foreign trade and export production enterprises: in the case of a bad foreign trade situation, we must vigorously improve the self-control ability of product quality, standardize management, standardize operations, and strictly control the key links in the production process. A large-scale quality accident occurred, ensuring that the quality of export products meets the contract requirements and the technical standards of the importing country, and “wins by quality” to expand its share in the international market.

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